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What is Truthbot?

Truthbot is the world's first artificially intelligent fact checking robot. It monitors the Twitter feeds of Australian politicians and automaticallly fact checks their tweets, so you don't have to.


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How did we do it?

We used the very latest in Machine learning research to implement a paragraph2vec model in Tensorflow, trained on Australian politician's tweets and Fact Check articles from The ABC, The Conversation and other Government data sources.
Then we used that model to find the fact check articles most relevant to each Politician's tweets.
Finally, we built a page for each Australian politician so that you can see what they tweeted, and which fact check article is most likely to set the record straight. In the future, Truthbot will automatically tweet relevant explainers straight back at our pollies in real time.

Under the hood

Tools we used to build Truthbot


All code available opensource on Github